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The Rice Bran oil Company ( T.R.B.O )

About T.R.B.O

Our mission
Our mission is to be a leading socially responsible producer of rice bran oil who extract the preventive benefit of rice bran to the world, to improve lives of our customers, rice farmers, employees and society at large.
Our story
We are a group of young entrepreneurs who are passionate about health, beauty, fine living, design and national development We produce rice bran from our most trusted network of rice millers, employ the Safest technology to extract the oil, work with scientist from universities to deliver the best rice bran oil for health and beauty
Our product
T.R.B.O producst are developed with the principal of natural procurement without harsh chemicals The products aim to address pressing health concerns by preventing cancer, diabetes heart disease, stress as well as boosting immune system defence.


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T.R.B.O original rice bran supplement
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