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บริษัท เนเจอร์ ไบโอติค ( Naturbiotic )

About Naturbiotic


Company Profile
"Arokaya Parama Lapha"or " Having no disease and always stay healthy is an ideal desire" is a fact in Bhuddist way. But to have a healthy condition is not just ate good food and exercise regularly. To keep your body healthy, you must carefully look into what you consume, stay away from tension, regularly exercise and have sufficient rest. But in real life, in a changing lifestyl, it is quite difficult to do so.
Naturbiotic, a food supplement company, has been formed and set up to serve the people who really care of health and beauty. "Naturbiotic" derives from "Nature" + "Macrobiotic" which gives you the product from nature that cares you naturally.
Naturbiotic Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of the Greater Pharma Ltd., Part. and Ouiheng Group which has been operating in the pharmaceutical field for almost 50 years, guarantees the product is of high quality and comply with the GMP standard. We source out, test and develop the new products from all over the world and to introduce to the market with affordable price.
The information on this site is provided for informational purpose and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional

Date of Establishment
15 October 1998
Co.Registration No.
Bor.Or.Jor Nor.Thaw. 2387
Names of major sharehoders
Mr. Thianchai Tengamnuay
Mrs. Chatchada Tengamnuay
Mr. Thianchai Tengamnuay Managing Director
Mrs. Chatchada Tengamnuay Director
Mr. Sanchai Plienkaew Director
Mr. Teerasak Sri-Udomkajorn Director
Mr. Manoon Kerd-Udom Director
Mrs.Ratchanee Sawanghapat Director
Mrs. Siriratch Ngamjaratsrivichai Director
Type of business
Importer of food supplement and health foods.
Importer of medicated cosmetics & cosmetics
Sales organisation
The products have been marketed and distributed by Healthcare Division, OUIHENG CONSUMER CO., LTD.


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